Companies and businesses often need the services of a commercially-minded lawyer to draft and interpret agreements, resolve business disputes, transfer shares, address insolvency, and deal with numerous other legal issues. 

Michelle Lember has the legal acumen to understand the intricacies of Australian company, business and property laws and offers sound legal solutions and guidance through these tmes of transactions. 

Over 19 years of practice in business and commercial law in Queensland, Michelle Lember has assisted clients in complex and diverse legal situations. 

Every business has its own peculiar business functions and legal requirements. There can be thousands of different situations, each one with its own dynamics and possible consequences. 

Michelle Lember has provided the following types of legal assistance to Australian businesses:

  • Establishing, Structuring and Dissolving Businesses, Companies and Trusts
  • Buying and Selling Businesses and Shares
  • Complex Business Restructuring
  • Shareholders Agreements, Partnership Agreements & Unitholders Agreements
  • Insolvency Advice
  • Asset Protection
  • Leasing and Financing
  • Franchising
  • Buy / Sell Deeds
  • Trade terms