The Team


We are serious people that want to enjoy what we do. You can have fun while doing serious work and you can have serious fun. We don’t make light of situations, we make light of random things in our day so that the heaviness and burdens of serious stuff can hopefully feel a little lighter in ours and your day. Serious help - Serious fun. Its worth a try. 



Michelle LEMBER

Legal Practitioner Director

Member: Queensland Law Society
Member: Family Law Practitioners Association
Member: Real Estate Institute Qld
Commercial and Industrial Chapter Committee
Member: National Association of Women in Construction

Michelle Lember is an experienced lawyer with a particular focus and experience in commercial, property and family law matters.

She has advised and acted for commercial clients on structuring, contracts, distribution & franchising, leasing, intellectual property and property matters. She has also provided strategic advice to clients in all aspects of their business from structuring for asset protection, expansion, drafting and negotiating contracts and protecting intellectual property.

She understands markets, businesses, companies, structures (trusts, partnerships, SMSFs) - putting them together and pulling them apart.

She lends her outcome-driven, strategic approach to the conduct of her family law matters, with particular reference to the division of property on separation, divorce and children’s matters. Michelle has assisted clients compassionately in mediated and litigated family law, de facto and domestic violence matters.

She lives and breathes deals. She is the perfect person to guide your property transaction and your property settlement to an end, particularly where complicated structures are involved.

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Nationally Accredited Mediator
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Member: Queensland Law Society
Member: Australian Mediation Association

If Michelle is Harvey, and Donna is .. Donna, then let us introduce Mike, aka Sam Gray.

Admitted in 2012, Sam is a dedicated mediator, family dispute resolution practitioner and solicitor, with considerable experience in family law in both Brisbane and Sydney.

Sam also trained and worked as a collaborative family lawyer, and is passionate about alternate dispute resolution processes for couples who have separated.

He brings his cool head and a pragmatic perspective to commercial and property matters.

Sam is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and a member of the Australian Mediation Association.

In his spare time, Sam works on creative projects and he swims, fast. Like, really, really fast. Sooo fast.

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Every Law Firm Needs a Donna - just ask Pearson Spectre!

From reception to secretary to appointment setting to office administration to everything in between and everything not, Donna has everything covered, knows where everything is, knows what Michelle needs next and makes it all happen. There is no Lawyer'd without Donna.

She manages the non law stuff to ensure we operate efficiently so we can keep our focus on- you! Donna seems to know just what needs to happen and when.

Donna is like the Selleys No More Gaps and makes sure there is no cracks for tasks and jobs to fall into.

Always willing, always working, that’s Donna always.


Adam Leishman

Master of Sticky Tape & Super Glue

Member of Real Estate Institute Qld
Commercial and Industrial Chapter Committee
Licensed Commercial Real Estate Agent
JP (Qual)
Self Proclaimed Interwebs Geek (including Research)

Adam makes all the fun stuff work. Webpages that connect to electronic files that connect to payment gateways that connect to booking systems that have one goal in mind; to connect you to your Lawyer in the most convenient and efficient way possible. Being able to connect to a Lawyer shouldn’t be hard or difficult, it should be as easy as catching up for coffee with a friend. Life can be difficult enough without getting the help you need when you need it being a challenge all on its own.

If that isn't enough, Adam knows a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff: not for profits, body corporate matters, small business, intellectual property and patents and real estate to name a few! He's the layperson to the lawyer.