michelle lember


Member: Queensland Law Society
Member: Family Law Practitioners Association
Member: Real Estate Institute Qld
Member: National Association of Women in Construction


Michelle Lember is an experienced lawyer with a particular focus and experience in commercial, property and family law matters.

She has advised and acted for commercial clients on structuring, contracts, distribution & franchising, leasing, intellectual property and property matters. She has also provided strategic advice to clients in all aspects of their business from structuring for asset protection, expansion, drafting and negotiating contracts and protecting intellectual property.

She understands markets, businesses, companies, structures (trusts, partnerships, SMSFs) - putting them together and pulling them apart.

She lends her outcome-driven, strategic approach to the conduct of her family law matters, with particular reference to the division of property on separation, divorce and children’s matters. Michelle has assisted clients compassionately in mediated and litigated family law, de facto and domestic violence matters.

She lives and breathes deals. She is the perfect person to guide your property transaction and your property settlement to an end, particularly where complicated structures are involved.


Bachelor of Law, University of Qld
Bachelor of Economics, University of Qld
Bachelor of Business (Management), University of Qld Masters (Commercial) Law, Qld University of Technology Certificates of International Law, Marquette University, U.S.A. She holds a Full Qld Real Estate Licence.

Care Factor

Michelle is compassionate. She has devoted hours to community work including various committee and Chair positions. She has seen people at their worst, and lifted them back to their best in their time of need.

She was instrumental in establishing the Moreton Bay Community Legal Service in Caboolture and in 2016, the Queensland Law Society presented her with an Outstanding Achievement Award for her contributions to the profession and to the community.

Source: Proctor December 2016

She has previously received awards for Business Person of the Year (2011), Business of the Year - Lember And Williams (2011) and Young Business & Professional Woman (2010).

Size matters

Michelle’s practice areas are specialised and her case load small and selective: our team can focus on your matter and respond to you in a timely manner.

She does not run a general practice or a factory churning out legal work to make a buck.